Summer & Christmas Parties

Parties, Parties, Parties! Here at Precipuus we believe organising parties is what we do best. There is no such thing as a party too big or too small, and the range of themes, dressing, and entertainment options are vast!  We have had the pleasure of organising Christmas and Summer parties for many reputable companies over the years, and continue to do so.  These companies include The Telegraph, Fundamental Media, Cadbury, National Grid, HSBC Private Bank, and News UK, to name but a few. Our vivid imagination and attention to detail keeps them coming back for more year after year.


Who doesn’t love a summer party?  With a wealth of experience in organising summer events we’ve got some great ideas about how to deliver your best party yet!  Whether you’re looking for impressive outside spaces and elegant decor or inimitable views of London’s landmarks, we will find the perfect venue for you to host your event.

Just imagine attending an exquisite summer style garden party at a glamorous town house in the centre of town, with a string quartet with a Mid Summer Night’s dream theme and elegant waiting, whilst sipping one’s Pimms, and feasting on excellent cuisine!

No matter what your budget, we’ll be able to come up with something special, so what are you waiting for! We’d be delighted to discuss your requirements further and put together a tailored package for you.


The Christmas party is the most anticipated event of the office social calendar, and one that your colleagues look forward to the most! Put the onus on us to capture the imagination of your team to get everyone involved and pull off an unforgettable event!

To create a memorable event you need a memorable venue. Whether you’re looking for production, event design or complex audiovisual capabilities our vast experience in organising Christmas party’s means we have an abundance of venue options ready for you to choose from.

Along with the perfect venue you also need to find the right theme. Winter themeing encapsulates the excitement of the season, and can transform a venue into many different things, from traditional Winter Wonderlands to more elaborate themes such as Christmas in Las Vegas and The Roaring 20’s…. the possibilities are endless!

It is never too early to start organising your Christmas party, so please get in touch, so we can start working on this year’s perfect Christmas party for you!